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Local Energy System Business Models – Research Invitation

An opportunity to contribute to Energy Revolution Research Consortium Research!

If you operate a local energy system – of any shape or size – then EnergyRev researchers would like to hear from you!

EnergyRev researchers from the Tyndall Centre at the University of Manchester are compiling profiles of local energy systems that are actually up and running across the UK. Anything that coordinates different energy elements in a local area (from a few buildings to a city) can be included, and it doesn’t have to be cutting edge technology. The aim is to build up a picture of what works today in the world of local energy, and how; and learn lessons for the next steps in the deployment of smart local systems.

Participation can be by interview (via phone, Zoom, MS Teams or Skype); alternatively, an online questionnaire option for self-completion is available if you would prefer this:

In exchange for your valuable time, we will be happy to prepare a bespoke briefing paper of the results for you, combining a high level summary of the overall results with a profile of your system, if that would be useful.

Please contact if you are interested or have any questions. And of course, feel free to pass this message on to whoever in your organisation you feel is most appropriate to respond.

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