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Research and analysis

Dr Jeff Hardy is a part-time academic researcher at the Grantham Institute, Imperial College London. He is an interdisciplinary researcher, starting out in Sustainable Chemistry and now doing predominately social science research. His research focuses on how the zero-carbon transformation of the energy system affects businesses, customers, citizens and policy and regulation.

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Examples of previous work

Utility 2050.PNG

Utility 2050

The Utility 2050 project was a partnership of energy industry professionals, financiers and academics with a shared objective to explore what net-zero could mean for the energy sector. Dr Jeff Hardy was a member of the academic research team. The main findings were:

  1. New value of up to £21 billion per year is available to electricity utilities in the UK.

  2. Customer segments exist for innovative energy business models, but some customers could be barred.

  3. Policy and regulatory decisions are required to enable new business models to thrive.



Dr Jeff Hardy is a Co-investigator in the Energy Revolution Research Consortium, part of the £100 million Prospering from the Energy Revolution Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. EnergyREV undertakes research to overcome the challenges faced by smart, local energy systems. Dr Hardy leads EnergyREV's work on smart, local energy system governance. His team has produced a series of energy policy and regulatory landscape reviews, including one on digital energy platforms. 


Reshaping regulation

Since 2017, Dr Jeff Hardy has been working with Laura Sandys and energy businesses to shape the future of energy regulation. Our work, over three reports, has informed businesses, governments, regulators and consumer champions around the world. 


Smart Systems and Heat Phase 2

Dr Jeff Hardy was worked with the Energy Systems Catapult on their Smart Systems and Heat Phase 2 project. Together with Dr Christoph Mazur our work involved:

  1. Identifying archetypes of energy service provider business models through desk-based research.

  2. Using a backcasting approach to identify plausible pathways to energy market transformation.

  3. Working with energy experts to identify what is required for energy service business models to thrive.

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