Independent challenge

Dr Jeff Hardy holds a number of independent Non-Executive Director, advisory and challenge positions. His experience as an academic, policymaker and energy expert enables him to provide challenge and insight from several perspectives. If your organisation could benefit from independent advice and challenge, do get in touch. 

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Examples of previous work


UK Power Networks CEG

Dr Jeff Hardy is Deputy Chair of the UK Power Networks Customer Engagement Group (CEG). He is also Chair of the CEG Sustainability Working Group. The role of the CEG is to challenge UK Power Networks in its business plan for 2023-2028. It holds the company to account for delivering a plan that is worthy of the trust of customers, current and future. 


Non-Executive Director

Dr Jeff Hardy has been a Non-Executive Director of Public Power Solutions (PPS) Ltd since 2017. PPS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swindon Borough Council, that offers innovative solutions for public sector organisations in the areas of Power and Waste. In his role, Dr Hardy has provided advice and challenge to steer PPS towards a post-FIT power development model and an efficient and innovative waste business.


Green tariff accreditation expert

Dr Jeff Hardy is an independent expert on the Uswitch green tariff accreditation panel. The role of the panel is to develop and verify a set of criteria and assess green tariffs against these. This includes recognising and assessing best practice from suppliers against the gold standard. The panel will review the criteria annually, to ensure it reflects current market conditions.

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Advisory roles

Dr Hardy has advised a number of start-ups and SMEs. These include:

  • - an AI-powered digital twin for the power system

  • Perswitch - using data to make energy comparison and switching work for everyone

  • Verve - state-of-the-art predictive maintenance technology for the next generation of smart, sustainable appliances

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