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Training and communication

Dr Jeff Hardy has developed and taught courses to students around the world. He currently teaches an Energy Business and Strategy course to Imperial College Business School students. He also developed an international Massive Open Online Course on creating a pro-renewables environment. He regularly gives keynote presentations and is invited to panels at academic and business conferences.

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Teaching: Energy strategy

Dr Jeff Hardy teaches a 10-hour Energy Business and Strategy course on the Imperial College Business School MSc in Climate Change, Management & Finance to around 100 students. The course takes students through a user-centred zero-carbon journey on energy essentials, electricity, heat and transport. Elements of this course could form the basis of training for organisations. 


Training: Clean Power Program

The Clean Power Program is a collaborative project, led by the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London and funded by the Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). Dr Jeff Hardy designed and taught the creating a pro-renewables environment course. The course, taken by thousands of students across the world, is free to access on EDx


Training: Energy transition for O&G

Dr Jeff Hardy created and taught a new international online course on Energy Transition for oil and gas professionals with The eight-week course included lectures on renewable energy technologies, carbon capture, utilisation and storage and data and digitalisation. The course also included 13 guest speakers and several career development assignments. The first cohort of fellows were all oil and gas professionals seeking opportunities in clean energy. 


Communication: Public speaking

Dr Jeff Hardy regularly gives keynote presentations and appears as a panellist at academic and business conferences and events. 

An example of his presentation style is at the link below from his international keynote presentation at the Energy Consumers Australia Foresighting Forum in 2020. 

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